The Prospectus

Medical IT Security Forum: MITS Forum
The Prospectus
Since 2017, the cyber security field has experienced a big turbulence due to the amendment of the Personal Information Protection Act and the world-wide attack of ransomwares.
In medical field, several novel actions such as promotion of the secondary use of medical big data supported by the “Next Generation Medical Infrastructure Act”, information linkage among medical / nursing care / welfare business operators promoted by the regional medical plan for regional inclusive care has started, however the cyber security for above mentioned projects has not been established yet.
MITS Forum was established in 2013 to enlighten the importance of the information security in medical field, and has obtained more than 200 hospital members, 600 personal members and 20 enterprise members in 2018.
We have held 10 seminars, 7 subcommittees until now and have performed Proposals to relevant organizations and publication of guidance.We will continue to promote the existing activities and also to offer practical security solutions for medical facilities.
We are ready to welcome any related members to join.
2018 October 19
Hiroshi Fukatsu
Representative Director of MITSF
Prof. of Medical Informatics, Aichi Medical University